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Competition Walls
Walltopia offers climbing walls according to IFSC standards and satisfies all conditions for difficulty and speed climbing. See more about our official Speed Walls.
Walltopia walls are perfect for local and national as well as for World Cup championships.
We recommend Walltopia Unique Triangles and the option to include a hydraulic system that allows you to change the amount of overhang depending on the level of difficulty you would like to achieve at any single moment.
Walltopia is a sponsor and proud partner of IFSC - International Federation of Sport Climbing.

Walls for Schools and Universities
In most European countries and the USA the climbing wall is a part of the compulsory equipment for the sports hall or recreation center in schools and universities.
Walltopia offers standard and custom solutions.

Walls for Malls, Trade and Shopping Centers, and Hotels - the Business card of a unique facility
The advantages that a climbing wall brings to malls, shopping centers and hotels are:
- Low maintenance and operating expenses
- Vertical space usage
- Fast inastallation in malls, shopping centers and hotels
- Compatibility with existing facilities - building facades, gardens, elevators, escalators, and stairs.

Walls for Amusement and Water Parks
Walltopia strives to provide solutions specifically catered for amusement parks and family entertainment centers that will bring excitement to kids and adults alike and generate positive cash flow. Kids' natural curiosity and tendency to climb will make them adore our rock-like climbing walls and keep them coming back for more.
- We work with many architectural bureaus and always keep our promises to design and offer climbing structures that fit the thematic design concept of your amusement park or FEC. Walltopia climbing wals for amusement and entertainment purposes are equipped with our own hydraulic autobelay devices that ensure safe usage of the wall and almost no operating expenses.
- Looking for additional benefits? - Why not diversify more and incorporate a whole aerial experience, all done by the best professionals in the market? Walltopia builds high ropes courses that could be targeted at different age groups and skill levels.
- Choice of permanent or trailer-based climbing walls - see more about Walltopia Mobile Tower
- Walltopia climbing walls now available for water parks too - specially treated panels and support structure to be installed in pools for recreation or rehabilitation and around or under waterfalls.

Walls for Sport Halls, Recreation Centers and Fitness
Climbing walls are the best use of space that cannot be used for other sports equipment. A climbing wall is a great addition along a basketball court, a tennis court or a soccer field. It uses only vertical space, has much lower maintenance than other sports facilities but boasts rising popularity in terms of visitors and fans. A climbing wall addition in a multifunctional sports hall will make sure to add turnover even when the soccer or basketball hall is not in use for a tournament or game.

In the USA climbing is recognized as the new fitness - it develops muscle groups that can hardly be trained otherwise and at the same time engages the attention of the person training. It is a highly valued sport with well-known benefits for the forming of youngster's bodies. This explains the emergence of a trend to install boulder walls in more and more fitness facilities. The climbing wall is becoming the fitnes equipment with the best return on investment.

Military Walls
Military staff needs to be trained for specific techniques that involve climbing and abseiling. For the Military Walltopia recommends a climbing tower for outdoor use. Tower walls are perfect for army training, because climbing cannot be duplicated by other sports and is great for increasing your core strength.
We can also provide stairs as well as a rappel platform, Trad cracks for practicing traditional belaying, ledges for multipitch belays and other natural features in the design of the tower. Walltopia military walls are a fully equipped facility for training military personel or staff from fire departments and the police.

Walls for Kids Playgrounds
Walltopia climbing walls for playgrounds meet the requirements of the EN 1176 standard for Playground equipment.
For playgrounds we recommend: Rocktopia, bright colors, f full color printing, walls with favourite heroes from movies and castle themes with different sections for playing.

Find out more about our Rocksaurus - a combo of a slide and a climbing wall created especially for the needs of playground facilities!

You can check out more of Walltopia walls for Playgrounds in our Gallery!

Walls for Parks and Recreation Areas
Landscape artists more often prefer to blend the aesthetically pleasing with the functional. Climbing walls specifically created for parks and gardens fit perfectly into the natural surroundings because they look like real rocks or natural forms. We recommend Rocktopia for outdoor boulders that are climbed without the use of a rope. Our High relief Limestone Rocktopia can be climbed without the use of climbing holds so the wall or boulder will look 100% like real rock.

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