Focus on innovation, technology and engineering - this is the secret behind Walltopia success.

Staying at the forefront of innovations in the climbing walls industry goes along with in-house R&D team and high involvement of the whole top management team.

To date we have developed numerous intelligent solutions which have reshaped the industry by allowing for greater walls customization and flexibility such as the “Harmonized System” and “Transformable structures” to name a few.

List of recent innovations

Special Belay line: The Walltopia Belay line provides safe and smooth transition between auto-belay climbing devices (vertical) and rope-course elements (horizontal safety system). The special belay line is a main component of the Adventure Game Zone.

Adventure Hub: Themed adventure area with our advanced scoring system, using fun walls for vertical and rope-course elements for horizontal challenges. Users get points by playing in the adventure zone in real life and then transferring their scores (into the virtual world) to an online platform. To give you a better idea - the closest comparison would be a real-live Super Mario game.

Fun Walls Scoring System: A mobile app and wall sensor system that combines the pleasure of climbing and adventure with online games. Climbers wear RFID bracelets to get points from their climbing challenges and then pass them on to an online global and regional ranking system.

Rollglider: A new adventure product combining the thrill of free flying and hang gliding in a safe and accessible environment.

300 holds: A special set of holds to be used with the Walltopia Harmonized system, allowing gyms around the world to set a selection of routes and easily share them on the E-walls online platform.

Belay training treadmill: A training device for climbing gyms targeting instructors and new climbers to learn the basics of belaying.

Anti-scuff texture: Keeping your climbing wall clean and preserving the colors is an important, yet often overlooked feature. We have developed a special dirt-proof coating that allows easy cleaning and prevents climbing shoe rubber from sticking to the wall.

Harmonized System: A mix-and-match modular system that will revolutionize the climbing industry! We decided to launch an international design contest so that we can reach out to the whole climbing industry and find the system that fits best. To learn more, please follow the link below.

List of completed innovations

Transformable structure: Standardized modules, innovative technology, fast assembly and dis-assembly and minimal engineering time; the transformable wall has no design limits and allows a gym facelift without changing the steel structure.

3D curves: Offers limitless opportunities for bent surfaces, curved shapes, arêtes and real rock features. The panels can be curved on two axes at the same time.

Deep Space:Innovative design with very clean lines that resembles an alien landscape. It is characterized by smooth transitions, no angles and LED lit cracks. The LED lights allow unlimited color options for the cracks.

Rocktopia: The climbing wall that resembles and feels exactly like a real rock. Cast from natural rock formations it resembles three rock types - granite, limestone and sandstone.

Rubber proof texture: Special dirt-proof coating that that allows easy cleaning of the wall, prevents the climbing shoes rubber from sticking to the wall, keeps the climbing all clean and preserves colors for as long as possible.

Rope protection: Elegant stainless-steel strips that extend rope life and yet preserve the aesthetic look of the wall. They also protect protruding angles from rope friction and therefore make belaying smoother.

Belay bar: Stainless steel bar that doubles the life of the ropes reduces the effort in belaying

Self guided t-nut: The strongest T-nut on the market, which is self-guided to prevent cross threading when using power tools for route setting, tested by TUV Germany, available in metric and imperial sizes.

U-bolt: Stainless steel bolt with no sharp edges, does not harm quick-links and provides additional safety for climbers, prevents the risk from unexpected unscrewing, tested by TUV Germany

DIY Boulders: 100% Plywood boulder consisting of 3 sets of 16 interchangeable modules. These can be combined in different ways to fit in the available space with the desired design. The modules are pre-manufactured and do not require specifically trained technicians to install them. They are the perfect solution for any future gym owner that has a tight budget and is not afraid of some DIY.

OML Flooring: High impact absorbing flooring minimizes the risk of severe injuries or death in the event of falls from 4 m to 17m height. The innovative structure of OML protects climbers by decreasing the deceleration and absorbing the impact energy when falling from up to 17m height.

Ropetopia Belay System: This safety system splitter increases customer traffic by allowing them to move in multiple directions on the same rope-course level. The control device could also allow operators to charge different prices for the various levels of the course.

Fiction holds: New brand of holds made of an innovative material with improved UV resistance, wear resistance, and extended life span of the brighter colors.

Innovation Gallery

Thanks for your amazing and faultless se …

You are part of the dream and the journey Walltopia! Thanks for your amazing and faultless services. Special thanks to Marina,Ani and Steve for helping the dream along! Love to the Walltopia Massif.

Red Point Worcester, Worcester, UK


I just wanted to say how impressed I am …

I was at Harrow yesterday. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Walltopia build. Great finish but also the components and skill that has gone into all the fabrication is fantastic. A few little issues but nothing unusual so far.

Jeremy Wilson, CEO of HarroWall, Harrow, UK


Walltopia has employees that are second …

Walltopia has employees that are second to none. From the contracts to communication to sending people out to build, we've been NOTHING but impressed. And that means a lot since we've been working with contractors on various gym builds (and building our own ourselves) for a while.

Kristin Horowitz, CEO of The Pad Climbing, and Executive Director of SLO Op Climbing, San Louis Obispo, CA, USA


I'd like to thank Walltopia...

I'd like to thank Walltopia, the head office staff, Rob Parer and the crew here who assembled the wall for the fantastic job they did! We're really happy with it. 

Syndey Indoor Climbing Gym


We give Walltopia our highest recommenda …

When we started planning the gym, we considered all wall vendors. However, when we met with Yasen and the Waltopia team, we knew immediately that we had found the right partner to build a gym.

Joe Eibl, ARC Climbing Gym, Sudbury, ON, Canada

Funwalls has proven to be a fantastic ad …

As the owner of more than one climbing gym, Funwalls have provided quick cash flow for the start up & assisted in filling a marketing gap we didn't know existed. The elements have also been an effective way to broaden our market segment that can seamlessly transition into our climbing gym business.

Walson Tai, The Hanger, Calgary, AB, Canada

If you can dream it, they can build it.

If you can dream it , they can build it .We needed a reliable wall company that would respect our budget, timeline without sacrificing the quality of the final product. We're incredibly pleased to be working with Walltopia once again for our third project in three years!

Frédéric Charron, Blocshop, Montréal , Canada


Walltopia Canada has been a great resour …

Walltopia Canada has been a great resource for us to open and develop our climbing gym. Their service is first rate, and they always work hard to make everything right for us.

Andrew McBurney, Boulderz Climbing Centre

From day 1 the Walltopia crew have been phenomenal at communication, custom design, and delivering an exceptional product well within all timeline and budgeting commitments. The build crew are very professional and incredibly hard working, as well as sensitive towards management’s needs. I would never hesitate to recommend this team to anyone looking at installing rock climbing walls.

Our experience with Walltopia was terrif …

Our experience with Walltopia was terrific. They were incredibly easy to work with, and their knowledge and experience really took a lot of the stress out of the process for us.

Brock Tilling, Project Climbing Centre - Cloverdale

We couldn't be more pleased with our gym. Quality, texture, design, color... everything is perfect. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future.

Yasen and Walltopia were great to work w …

Yasen and Walltopia were great to work with.  They were professional from the beginning of the project to the very end.

Daniel Poggi, Climb Base

They conceptualized our vision of a purpose built wall and were instrumental in turning it into a huge success.  Our addition has become the centrepiece of all of our development programs and aspiring superstars. I would absolutely use Walltopia and the expertise Yasen and his team provide in our next project.

We thought going local would be better b …

We thought going local would be better but surprisingly our reference checks at other gyms said we would be better off going with Walltopia.   

Steven Brown, The Hub

Walltopia was consistently described to …

Walltopia was consistently described to us as the top wall vendor out there.  They lived up to and exceeded their reputation.

John Kudelka, Owner, Junction Climbing Centre

Their product is stellar and was installed on schedule.  Their crew was professional and worked well with other the other trades on site.  They we're incredibly adaptive to issues that arose during our start up and we would not be the business we are today without them.

THANKS - for the great work you all have …

THANKS - for the great work you all have done, to create and build a fantastic climbing wall.

Frank Blaeser, Gregor Jaeger, KLETTERAFBRIK KÖLN GmbH

...working with the Walltopia Family is …

The experience once again reaffirms why working with the Walltopia Family is the right choice for NOMAD."

Nomad, Australia

The angles are amazing, the quality is t …

In an effort to bring a modern facility to Kelowna, Chris brought in Walltopia (one of the world's premier wall companies) to design and build the walls. The angles are amazing, the quality is terrific and the height leaves nothing to be desired. Simply put, these walls have never been seen in Kelowna (or anywhere in the Okanagan) for that matter and they will up the indoor game for sure. Panels were going up while we were in yesterday and already look beauty!"
Big ups to Walltopia for the can do attitude"

Gneiss Climbing, Kelowna, BC, Canada

These guys work hard, really hard and th …

Here's a happy way to end your weekend: the climbing walls at Basecamp are done!!! Join us in thanking the amazing crew from Walltopia and celebrating this HUGE milestone. These guys work hard, really hard and their craftsmanship has been spectacular. Thank you."

Basecamp Climbing, Toronto, Canada

When you see how the gym is coming along …

When you see how the gym is coming along... you will get a feeling in your stomach that can only be described as the magical combination seeing your child take its first steps, combined with a Caribbean sunrise, mixed with EGOTing."

Touchstone Cliffs of Id, Culver City CA, USA

We couldn't be happier

We are constantly impressed by these awesome walls! We couldn't be happier - Thank you Walltopia :)"

Vertical Adventures, Columbus, OH, USA

You did an admirable job in implementing …

You did an admirable job in implementing our conceptual ideas for the climbing walls for the St. Johann sport club and further enriched the design with your own ideas. (for example, the adjustable outdoor walls and the mobile boulder for indoor and outdoor use). You have responded to our questions and requests in a prompt and competent manner. Your installation team completed the work accurately and on time. The acceptance procedure by TÜV was also carried out with no problems. We are very satisfied with your performance and price and would work together with you and your team anytime.The Boulder Gym in St. Johann is a great success and has been exceptionally well received."

Arch DI Anton Reichmann  St. Johann Bouldering Gym, Kärnten, Austria

Walltopia showed above all a great commi …

In close cooperation with the OeAV association, the municipality of Perchtoldsdorf and Walltopia, the manufacturer and supplier of the climbing walls, we were able to bring the project of AV-Kletterzentrums Südwand to fruition in 2010. Already in the initial project phases, Walltopia had proven itself to be a competent and cooperative partner with an outstanding product catalog. They won the contract for the completion of the climbing center by submitting the best offer. During the installation of the climbing walls, any and all difficulties which arose were quickly and efficiently solved to our mutual satisfaction. Walltopia showed above all a great commitment to solving any problems to the benefit of the customer."

AV-Kletterzentrums Südwand Team, Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

From our first contact with Walltopia we …

From our first contact with Walltopia we were convinced of their competence and professionalism. Our expectations were very high. We wanted to open the best climbing gym in the Rhein-Main-area and we had precise ideas about the design of the walls. The design department was able to meet 100% of our expectations and we were very impressed by the initial design concept. The cooperation with the experts from Sofia went absolutely smoothly. Even the tightest deadline was met. Each stage of the project was completed to our full satisfaction. We want to thank the team and everyone who was involved with our project for their unconditional support and commitment.

Wiesbadener Nordwand Team, Wiesbaden, Germany

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