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Wednesday, 01 July 2020 20:44

What’s Your Home Climbing Routine?

It’s been a month since our headquartered climbing gym opened doors for the first time after the lockdown in mid March. And as much as we hate to be cheesy, truth is meeting friends and members, and seeing their joy to be back on the walls was … hm, emotional. Seriously.

Naturally, most of what we talked about was how everyone dealt with the quarantine and if they managed to build any home climbing or training routine.

While we are all curious to see the final touches of our contest’s winner home wall, we looked back at our Instagram feed and made a selection of our most favorite entries.

Some are funny, some are creative, all are fun to watch :)

Click on any image to see the post on Instagram:

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Staying at home the whole day makes you feel like napping and eating more than usual. It is very essential to set a routine for yourself and stick to it or keep yourself busy in households. while doing my households chores I found a Bouldering route starts from my kitchen with undercut grip including slopper wooden blocks, pinch home supporting steel and home gate. It took few days to complete the route but yes the satisfaction level were same as outdoor. video for @walltopia contest #walltopia #walltopiahomeclimbing #mywalltopiawall #homeclimbing #homeclimbingwallproject #climbing #climber #climbingwall #climbersofinstagram #climberslife #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #stayhome #staysafe #supporting #nation #foryou #climbers #climbing #love #likeandshare

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If you want to watch all of the contests' submissions, look for the hashtags #WalltopiaHomeClimbing and #MyWalltopiaWall. Those stories prove that if you want to climb, you’ll find a way.

Still, remember we can make your life easier with our newly launched home climbing walls.

The first step is to configure your wall the way you like it to be and get a quote from us.

Once you have the number, it would be easier to know what you want, and can you get it. We bet you can.

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Until recently the wish for setting up a home climbing station was rooted in a desire to get better at climbing in addition to the membership in a local gym. It was good-to-have, or even a luxury to some. A space for training and having your climbing friends over too. Now it is different.

To many avid climbers around the globe, setting up a home climbing wall station today is the only way to keep climbing, at least for a while. Sure, the experience cannot really make up for what a gym offers and we know that first hand, designing and building climbing gyms since 1998. Still, having a home climbing wall will not just keep you sane in those challenging times but will also help you build a routine that will support your climbing performance once the world goes back to normal (sooner than later, we hope).

So, thinking about what we can do for the climbing community as the world leader in the industry, we decided to make our first product line for climbers. If having your own climbing wall has been an idea that has been with you for a while already, read on to learn the steps to make it real with Walltopia. The easiest, fastest, and safest way, we claim.


Build a Home Climbing Wall

There is rarely a perfect space for a climbing wall once a home is built. So the first step is to evaluate what you have and decide on what will serve best the purpose with minimum need of compromises. For some that will be utilizing a large space in the dining room, for others - the garage or the basement. Think not only about the wall, but also how would you attach it, would there be enough space for falls, can the space accommodate a couple of friends too, or, if you have little kids, can you easily limit the access to the wall. Once you check all those questions (and some more - lights, electricity, storage for holds….), you are ready for step two.


Home Climbing Wall Panels

To do that, you start by taking measures of the space - its height and the desired width (over the whole wall or just a section of it). Once you have those and decide to trust Walltopia for your home wall, the overall design and all the important features you have to think of, can be done in less than 10 minutes. Seriously, all you have to do is follow the steps in our configurator.

Based on our industry expertise and all the inquiries we get for home walls, we have developed pre-designed and engineered options for a 7.5 sqm. to 12 sqm. of climbing surface (80 - 130 sq.ft.). Panels are made of strong 18mm birch plywood surfaced with a special coating of six layers of polyester resin - the same you might have climbed on in some of the gyms we have built. They also come with pre-installed T-nuts at a density of 36 pcs per sqm.

Once you choose your wall size, it’s time for the creative touch - what color would you like it to be. Although we’re huge fans of plain white or grey panels, we find the natural wood fitting pretty neat in a home environment and bringing a cozy feeling. You have all three to choose from.

Then it’s time for the choice of texture. Chances are you’ll go for panels with balanced friction that enhances the experience and makes it feel very real to what you have in a gym. Still, if you have something else in mind or you expect your kids to get excited about climbing too, you may choose panels with no friction.

Figuring out the basis of your wall, the form will also get you through a choice of structure (when needed), preferred angle (0° - 30°), fasteners.


Home Climbing Holds

That’s where it gets difficult. Choice can be overwhelming but also important as, at the end of the day, holds are what give you the diversity in your climbing routine.

As we have lots of knowledge in preparing holds selection too, we curated three packages that would be good for a start. If route setting excites you though, you can browse through Holdtopia and make your own climbing holds selection that will be sent with your wall. Think of a balanced variety in size and grip and preferred texture.

Step 4: SAFETY

There are a few important factors that will assure the safety of your climbing.

First - the wall. If you’ve decided to trust us for producing your wall, all calculations you should take care of would be made from us and we will also send you a detailed DIY manual with any steps of the assembling.

The second most important thing is to build a habit of maintaining the wall right (such as tightening and inspecting the holds, t-nuts, joints, etc.).

The third is to secure yourself safe falls - enough space + good padding. Our choice for padding is Climbmat’s two-layer mat, wrapped in a vinyl case for maximum durability. We recommend a 2 x 2 m (6.5 x 6.5 ft) or 1.5 x 1.5 m (5 x 5 ft) option.

Last, you should decide whether you need or no measures to prevent free access to the wall (if some curious little climbers may get interested in it).


Building a home climbing wall is building a space you’d love spending time in. That means it will get better over time and will evolve with your climbing. Although so far you should be set for a start, you can always check out Holdtopia training section for inspiration.

Now, go enjoy climbing, and don’t forget to share a photo or two on the way.

P.S. If you need any help throughout the process or have questions you can’t find answers to, let us know.


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They did fast, quality work, always with …

We are incredibly thankful for the effort that our Walltopia crew put into this gym. They did fast, quality work, always with a smile and were a pleasure to work with. We hope the Skopsko is going down smooth, boys! We'll see you in Rochester when you come back to climb on your handiwork... or maybe in Bulgaria?!

Central Rock Gym Rochester, NY, USA

See their original FB post


We're blown away by how quickly over 10, …

Walltopia has made quick work of the structural steel for the tall climbing walls! Paneling will go up over the next few weeks. We're blown away by how quickly over 10,000 sq ft of climbing surface up to 50 ft tall can come together!

First Ascent Peoria, IL, USA

See their original FB post


... and doing a dang fine job of it!

These guys are part of the Walltopia crew that is assembling our climbing walls, and doing a dang fine job of it! They work long hours making these walls look good and making sure they're safe.

Central Rock Rochester, NY, USA

See their original FB post


...you can be assured they will be AMAZI …

Who are building our climbing walls? What will they look like? With a company like Walltopia you can be assured they will be AMAZING!

Walltopia is rocking this job from start …

The walls Downtown are really coming together, and we couldn’t be more excited!
Walltopia is rocking this job from start to finish. It’s going to be a beautiful gym, and very, very FUN.

Boulders Climbing Gym, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

See their original FB post


Thanks for your amazing and faultless se …

You are part of the dream and the journey Walltopia! Thanks for your amazing and faultless services. Special thanks to Marina,Ani and Steve for helping the dream along! Love to the Walltopia Massif.

Red Point Worcester, Worcester, UK


Thanks for your amazing and faultless se …

You are part of the dream and the journey Walltopia! Thanks for your amazing and faultless services. Special thanks to Marina,Ani and Steve for helping the dream along! Love to the Walltopia Massif.

Red Point Worcester, Worcester, UK


I just wanted to say how impressed I am …

I was at Harrow yesterday. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Walltopia build. Great finish but also the components and skill that has gone into all the fabrication is fantastic. A few little issues but nothing unusual so far.

Jeremy Wilson, CEO of HarroWall, Harrow, UK


Walltopia has employees that are second …

Walltopia has employees that are second to none. From the contracts to communication to sending people out to build, we've been NOTHING but impressed. And that means a lot since we've been working with contractors on various gym builds (and building our own ourselves) for a while.

Kristin Horowitz, CEO of The Pad Climbing, and Executive Director of SLO Op Climbing, San Louis Obispo, CA, USA


I'd like to thank Walltopia...

I'd like to thank Walltopia, the head office staff, Rob Parer and the crew here who assembled the wall for the fantastic job they did! We're really happy with it. 

Syndey Indoor Climbing Gym


We give Walltopia our highest recommenda …

When we started planning the gym, we considered all wall vendors. However, when we met with Yasen and the Waltopia team, we knew immediately that we had found the right partner to build a gym.

Joe Eibl, ARC Climbing Gym, Sudbury, ON, Canada

Funwalls has proven to be a fantastic ad …

As the owner of more than one climbing gym, Funwalls have provided quick cash flow for the start up & assisted in filling a marketing gap we didn't know existed. The elements have also been an effective way to broaden our market segment that can seamlessly transition into our climbing gym business.

Walson Tai, The Hanger, Calgary, AB, Canada

If you can dream it, they can build it.

If you can dream it , they can build it .We needed a reliable wall company that would respect our budget, timeline without sacrificing the quality of the final product. We're incredibly pleased to be working with Walltopia once again for our third project in three years!

Frédéric Charron, Blocshop, Montréal , Canada


Walltopia Canada has been a great resour …

Walltopia Canada has been a great resource for us to open and develop our climbing gym. Their service is first rate, and they always work hard to make everything right for us.

Andrew McBurney, Boulderz Climbing Centre

Our experience with Walltopia was terrif …

Our experience with Walltopia was terrific. They were incredibly easy to work with, and their knowledge and experience really took a lot of the stress out of the process for us.

Brock Tilling, Project Climbing Centre - Cloverdale

Yasen and Walltopia were great to work w …

Yasen and Walltopia were great to work with.  They were professional from the beginning of the project to the very end.

Daniel Poggi, Climb Base

Walltopia was consistently described to …

Walltopia was consistently described to us as the top wall vendor out there.  They lived up to and exceeded their reputation.

John Kudelka, Owner, Junction Climbing Centre

We thought going local would be better b …

We thought going local would be better but surprisingly our reference checks at other gyms said we would be better off going with Walltopia.   

Steven Brown, The Hub

THANKS - for the great work you all have …

THANKS - for the great work you all have done, to create and build a fantastic climbing wall.

Frank Blaeser, Gregor Jaeger, KLETTERAFBRIK KÖLN GmbH

...working with the Walltopia Family is …

The experience once again reaffirms why working with the Walltopia Family is the right choice for NOMAD."

Nomad, Australia

The angles are amazing, the quality is t …

In an effort to bring a modern facility to Kelowna, Chris brought in Walltopia (one of the world's premier wall companies) to design and build the walls. The angles are amazing, the quality is terrific and the height leaves nothing to be desired. 

Gneiss Climbing, Kelowna, BC, Canada

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