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We believe that a climbing gym's safety mats are one of its most important components. Choosing the right flooring solution can not only prevent serious injuries, but can also save lives.

Walltopia's very first flooring projects date back to 2005 and since then, we have invested a lot in research and development related to climbing safety. In 2012, we even founded a new subsidiary, entirely dedicated to flooring solutions - Climbmat.

Climbmat produces high quality safety mats for climbing gyms and sports centers worldwide. The company offers complete solutions, which include precise measurement, manufacturing, delivery, installation and post sale services. Its mission is to provide a safe climbing environment for every gym in the world by improving current flooring systems and developing new products.



Boulder Mats

One Cover Boulder Mats

Climbmat's one cover option provides a seamless cover over the entire area that surrounds the climbing walls. It is a very durable solution and advisable for large areas. The flooring is non-removable, and requires an experienced crew for installation / deinstallation and repair.

One Cover Boulder Mats

Modular Boulder Mats

The modular option features modules that are customized for your climbing wall, and connected with PVC vinyl velcro lids. It is recommended for small areas, and is easy to install and/or repair even by an unexperienced crew.

Modular Boulder Mats

Climbmat's boulder mats are appropriate for falls from up to 4.5 m (15 ft), depending on the mat's thickness.

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Rope wall mats

The standard rope wall mats have good stiffness for walking and are appropriate for falls from up to 3 m (10 ft). They consist of either a thick layer of heavy open cell polyurethane foam, or a closed cell carpet bonded foam combined with the open cell foam.

Rope wall mat

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One More Life Saving Mat

One More Life is innovative flooring solution for indoor top rope and lead climbing walls that prevents severe injuries or death in the event of a fall from up to 17 m ( 55 ft.)

One More Life Saving Mat

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