Climbing Wall Details

Climbing Wall Texture GrainTexture Grain

We have discovered that the best texture grain for climbing wall panels has a size of 0.25mm. Our specially developed technology for applying the texture makes sure that it provides the perfect amount of friction for climbers.
Rubber resistant climbing wall coatingDirt-Resistant Coating

Keeping your climbing wall clean and preserving its colors for as long as possible is important, yet often overlooked.

We have developed a special dirt-resistant coating, which protects the look of the wall's colors, is easy to clean, and prevents climbing shoe rubber from sticking to the climbing wall's surface.
Rounded Climbing wall corners

The corners where climbing wall panels meet to form a positive relief are often quite sharp. We have discovered that making the edges of these panels rounded not only protects climbers and gives them a softer grip, but also makes the corners more resistant to damage.

Grab Line
Climbing Wall Grab Line

You know that feeling when you're so pumped at the end of the route that you're shaking, but you still have to squeeze the hold hard in order to clip your last draw. Sometimes you just have to grab the edge of the wall to make it and we've made sure that it'll be a comfy grab – all our walls finish with a smooth grab line.

All of Walltopia's climbing walls have grab lines, which have two prime functions:

  • A cоnvenient grip at the end of the route
  • Safer and easier clipping of the last quickdraw
Standard Solid Colors

Standard Solid Colors

One of the most important details of a climbing wall is its color scheme, as it affects the entire atmosphere of the gym. Walltopia uses a standard palette of 16 colors, which allows for numerous color combinations, clever compositions and creative interior designs.

Custom Paint

Custom Paint

Want more colors on your climbing wall? Think of any combination and we will make it happen.

Walltopia's custom paint offers you a number of different colors, no matter the complexity of the shapes on each panel. Using the technology of our 5 axis CNC machine, we can make very precise small cuts in the panels to achieve a clean color transition.

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