In climbing, safety is priority number 1 , so proper attention needs to be paid to a flooring solution.  Since we are a world leader in design and production of climbing walls, we have decided that the flooring is a factor of considerable importance and we must develop a solution of our own that meets our standards.

Our first flooring projects date back to 2005. Since then, we’ve made a lot of progress due to high investment in R&D and in 2012 we launched a new sub-company to deal solely with flooring solutions - Climbmat.

Flooring Solutions

Climbmat produces high quality matting for bouldering and/or rope climbing. The company offers complete flooring solutions including measurement of the area, manufacturing, delivery, installation and post-sale services.

One Cover Boulder Mats

Modular Boulder Mats

Rope wall mats

One More Life Saving Mat

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