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Holdtopia is a project of Walltopia for an online platform that offers a wide range of climbing holds - more than 20 different brands from XX countries. What is common for all of them is that they are produced in our partner-factory Composite-X using the latest technologies and materials.

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Composite X is the worlds largest climbing hold manufacturer - pouring holds for more than 56 brands - from world famous to new emerging ones - with more than 49,000 different shapes. Established in 2005, the factory uses the most advance production system for climbing hold production, including custom made machines for maximum efficiency.

The production plant is right next to the factory of Walltopia, which is a great advantage for Walltopia climbing wall clients because:

  • You can get your initial holds shipment in the same container with the climbing wall panels and save up big on shipping.
  • Ordering from Holdtopia, along with Walltopia, you can receive your walls and holds together and your setters can start making routes as soon as a given section of your gym is built.  (+immediate dispatch – EU delivery from 2 to 7 days.)
  • As every hold is manufactured in Composite X with the same production technology and materials, colors and color schemes are consistent, which makes it easier to complement your design - you won’t have to deal with 50 shades of blue throughout your holds.

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