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Walltopia is the only company among all other climbing wall manufacturers that has a team of 90 full time employed technicians, responsible for the installation of our projects around the globe.

To ensure the team meets our criteria for quality and safety standards, each technician passes a number of in-house training courses, such as work at height, operation of mobile access towers, welder training, etc.

Our choice of working with our own crew is to ensure that the final product we deliver matches exactly the expectations of the client and the project specification. We believe that the last stage of the creation of a climbing wall is a very skilled type of work that requires proper training and specific knowledge. We have invested time and effort into training a qualified team of technicians to perform the installation. This is how we can guarantee the best quality available on the market.

It might sound like our technicians have superpowers but it is actually good planning and preparation that makes us so fast.

Having that many technicians available full time, combined with our awesome workflow and a well-engineered product, lets us offer the fastest installations on the market. We are capable of building 1 000 sq.m. / 10 763 sq.ft of climbing wall within two weeks.

While you’re reading this, there are 90 technicians installing beautiful climbing walls around the world.

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