Our engineering department is responsible for the safety and quality of our products with regards to design, manufacture and installation.

The scope and the complexity of our work have meant that we now have a team of 30 civil engineers, draftsmen, and CNC programmers.

The team produces engineering plans for more than 70 000 sq.m of climbing surfaces per year.

A service we highly recommend to our customers is to have a civil engineer do a consultation on site. This can avoid unexpected project costs due to wrong dimensions and/or assumptions.   


Walltopia’s engineering services include:

  • Consultation on venue choice
  • On site measurements of the existing building
  • Creating an accurate 3D model of the building
  • Precise evaluation of the reserve bearing capacity and load calculations for any of the building`s columns, beams and walls that will be used as support elements for the climbing wall

Our engineers will take care of the full documentation of your project that usually includes:

  • 3D modeling
  • Load calculations
  • Shop drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Material specifications
  • User manuals
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