1. Top anchor
  2. Belay bar
  3. Corners
  4. Grab line
  5. Rope protection
  6. T-nuts
  7. U-bolt

Top Anchor

The Walltopia top anchor is a device that is mounted on top of the climbing route suitable for both toprope and lead climbing. It keeps the carabiners at a distance from the wall plains therefore removing the risk of friction between the rope and the wall texture. This allows the device to be mounted on huge overhangs and roofs along with slabs up to 10 degrees.


  • Keeps the carabiners and rope at a distance from the wall
  • No friction between rope and the wall texture
  • Suitable for big overhangs and roofs
  • Carabiners and maillons are replaceable - you can easily put any carabiner on the device
  • Good for both lead and toprope climbing
  • Suitable for slabs up to 10 degrees


  • Made of stainless steel (indoor and outdoor use)

Belay Bar

The Walltopia belay bar is a device that is mounted on top of the climbing route. It offers a belay station for both top rope and lead climbing, as there are two separate placements for the top rope and the lead rope – a smooth cylinder for the top rope and the regular two facing-locks carabiners for lead climbing.


  • Doubles the life of the ropes
  • Reduces the effort in the process of belaying


  • Has two carabiners to serve as a top station for lead climbing
  • Stainless steel (indoor and outdoor use)


We believe we must constantly re-examine, analyze and improve our products. We have discovered that all the edges on our Geome3x bouldering walls – the edges where planes of different angles meet to form a positive relief – must have rounded edges in order to protect the climbers and to provide a softer grip.

Sorry, if you'd like go get used to really sharp edges for your next 10 day climbing trip to a granite bouldering spot – go climb granite ;)

The rounded edges on the boulder panels have two main benefits:

  • Make the corner damage resistant
  • Reduce the sharpness of the edges for climbers’ safety

Grab Line

You know that feeling, you're so pumped at the end of the route that you're shaking but you still have to squeeze the hold hard in order to clip your last draw. Sometimes you just have to grab the edge of the wall to make it and we've made sure it'll be a comfy grab – all our walls finish with a smooth Grab line.

All Walltopia walls end with a Grab Line which has two prime functions:

  • A comfortable grip at the end of the route
  • Safer and easier clipping of the last quickdraw

Rope Protection

Ropes are one of the climbing gym’s consumables that need replacement on a regular basis. To prolong the life of ropes, we have designed the thinnest rope protection strips.


  • Preserves the aesthetic look of the wall
  • Extends the life of the rope
  • Reduces belaying efforts
  • Protects the protruding angles from rope friction


  • Elegant metal band (5 mm)
  • Precise connection on the corners
  • Installed on all corners


1 000 000. This is the number of t-nuts we used only in 2014 which makes them a consumable of a big importance. That is why we developed our own T-nut.


  • The strongest T-nut on the market
  • Self guided to prevent cross threading when using power tools for route setting


  • TÜV Germany tested (breaking point at 13,277 kN), certified under EN12572
  • Available in metric and imperial versions
  • Lighter and thicker flange



  • Does not harm the quicklink
  • Prevents the risk of unexpected unscrewing
  • Safety for the climber - no sharp edges


  • Stainless steel (indoor and outdoor use)
  • TÜV Germany tested (the break value in axial direction is 36,9 kN, the break value in radial direction is 31,7 kN)

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