Colors are very important in giving your gym a unique character and making it stand out.

The design of a climbing wall can look totally different just by changing the way the walls are painted and the choice of color scheme.

  1. Standard Solid Colors
  2. Custom Paint
  3. Color combinations

Standard Solid Colors

We use a standard palette of 16 colors that provides numerous options for different color schemes to suit anyone's ideas and wishes. Make a careful decision about your gym's color scheme as it affects the overall atmosphere of the interior.

Custom Paint

Want more colours on your wall? Think of any combination and we can make it happen.

Walltopia’s custom paint offers you a number of different colours no matter of the complexity of the shapes on every single panel.

Using the technology of the 5 axis CNC machine we can make very precise small cuts in the panels and achieve a clean colour transition.

Colors combinations

You can combine a number of standard and/or custom colors to make sure the design meets your ideas and expectations. If you don't have a clear idea about colors for your gym, don't worry. Our architects have a vast experience and very good understanding of color theory and they will help you figure it out.

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